Live music services for cocktail parties and Wedding functions including – pre/post and during dinner, after dinner party and dj set. Private events, fundraisers, corporate events, & more.

Getting ready for a holiday cocktail party ?
Cocktail parties are the time to break out the red lipstick, the fanciest drinks, the funniest stories, and the bounciest music. Listening to a playlist that will have your guests shimmying, singing, and smiling, the stage is ready for a great night!
A few things to keep in mind for a cocktail party are to keep the music up-tempo, mix instrumental pieces with some classics or favourites that will help you to relax (doesn’t everyone love to hear a favourite song playing on someone else’s speakers?), and to keep the tunes moving. Think about the type of music you would like to hear at a party: what songs make you feel good, feel calm and relaxed, feel like dancing, feel energised? It’s much more exciting than pressing «shuffle» and hoping for the best, or using some generic «lounge» mix that has no personal meaning to you or your friends. I have fun digging through the real and virtual stacks to mix up your own perfect playlist that will keep the mood just right!


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